How Does Save You Money?

30 July 2009 Categories: Postage Savings

Postage advertises that by printing your own postage you will save money.

This seems hard to believe considering you pay $15.99 for the service.

So how does it work? Well, first off – it won’t save you money unless you print a lot of postage. The convenience may be worthwhile anyway, but can’t save you money if you only use a few dollars worth of postage a month.

If, on the other had, you are using hundreds of dollars of postage a month (or using a mail meter), there is some definite room for savings. The service creates these savings in two ways:

  • Allowing you to always use exactly the right amount of postage – you might be surprised how much is wasted by rounding up when you don’t have exactly the right amount of stamps.
  • 5%-11% discounts on Priority Mail, Express Mail, International Mail, and insurance.

Finally, if you’re using a mail meter,’s monthly pricing is probably competitive, and you won’t need to buy any specialty supplies.

So yes, you can save money with, but only if you make heavy use of the postal service.

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